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Are your products genetically modified?

No, all of our products are non-GMO!

What is the best way to store your products?

Always store your flour in a sealed container in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat or humidity.

Is your product natural?

Yes! All of our flours are made with wheat and only wheat (no additives!) except for Americana which has natural malt and our Gluten Free flour!

Are your flours enriched?

None of our products are enriched!

Are your flours bleached or unbleached?

All of our products are unbleached!

Is Caputo flour kosher?

Yes, our flour is kosher!

Are your products dairy free?

Yes, our products are dairy free!

Are your flours bromated?

None of our flours are bromated!

How can I make a complaint if there are storage problems?

If you ordered product from us, please report the purchase in the contact section with images. If you purchased outside of our website, we recommend that you talk to your shopkeeper or supplier if the flour shows some kind of problem as soon as it is opened.

Do you offer wholesale?

For any wholesale inquiries, please visit www.orlandofoods.com! You can also contact them at inquiries@orlandofoods.com

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! You can cancel your order within 4 hours of your purchase.

Can I return/exchange my order?

If an item arrives damaged and you wish to return it, please contact us at customercare@caputoflour.com

What is the best by date? American or European?

The best buy date is European! Every date is the following format - Day, Month, Year - but the month is written out to prevent confusion!

Why do you slowly grind your wheat?

By grinding the wheat slowly, we preserve the natural starch, protein, and flavor!

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not ship internationally.

Do you have physical coupons available?

No, at this time we do not have coupons available to mail.

Can I get my order on the same day?

No, we are unable to deliver your products same day but we will try to deliver within 2 days.

How can I replace wheat flour with gluten free flour?

We have found that Caputo Gluten-Free flour can be subbed for wheat flour in recipes cup for cup!

How does Caputo yeast compare to instant yeast?

Caputo Lievito is a high activity yeast that works like instant, but yields better results in long fermentation. It works slower in the first period and then starts release higher quantity of gas in the sequent phases.This guarantees a gradual and consistent gas production during the entire leavening period.

If a recipe calls for fresh yeast, how much dry yeast should i use?

The general rule of thumb when using dry yeast is to use 1/3 the amount you would of fresh yeast! With Caputo yeast, we recommend using 1/2-2/3 the same amount, so, if a recipe calls for 3 grams of fresh yeast, we recommend using 1.5 or 2 grams of dry yeast!

Do you need to activate the dry yeast?

No, you don't have to activate our dry yeast!