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To bring you expertly crafted flours for every purpose.

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Our Story


Caputo is family-run business deeply rooted in Naples and its land. Since our founding in 1924, three generations of the Caputo family have produced flour in accordance with the principles of the ancient Neapolitan art of baking.

The birth of our Mill was the result of a fortunate incident of “backwards emigration.” In 1924, brothers Carmine and Pasquale Caputo, after gaining some work experience in the United States, returned to Capua, Italy, their hometown, to marry their respective girlfriends. Together, they founded the Caputo Mill and pasta factory. When Carmine passed away, our company passed into the hands of his son, the then 21-year-old Antimo Caputo, who would become the father Carmine and Eugenio and grandfather of Antimo and Mauro.


In 1939, Antimo realized that to develop the business, it would be wise to move closer to Naples. He acquired our Mill, which also had a pasta factory, in San Giovanni a Teduccio, which is still the headquarters of the manufacturing facility today. The location was specifically chosen because the wheat used in the production of flour arrived by boat. Business developed under the management of Antimo and his wife, Maddalena, a strong and decisive woman who was a key player in our company’s growth.


As time went by, the pasta factory was abandoned in favor of concentrating on the flour mill, where the our family saw more opportunities for business development. In the ‘60s, this "hunch" culminated in the construction of our first silo.


In the late ’70s, the Mill was destroyed by a fire. In less than 2 years, and with a great amount of work and commitment from everyone, the Mill was rebuilt bigger than before, with a production capacity increasing from 55 to approximately 140 tonnes. Our business was tenaciously taken forward by Maddalena and her son Carmine, the then-thirty-year-old who focused on sales and marketing for the product. At the same time, Eugenio – Carmine’s younger brother – also began to work in the company in the technical department. Today, both run the company alongside their sons, Antimo and Mauro!


As business grew, we carved out a niche as a “flour boutique” and became the gold standard for local artisans, especially Neapolitan pizzaioli. For the first time, our distribution began to spread outside the Campania region and within a few years, the whole foodservice industry, in both Campania and nearby areas knew of us and used Caputo flour.


The opportunity to develop business in the United States came in the ’90s, when we were contacted by a famous New York restaurateur, the owner of Pizzeria Naples 45. After a trip to Naples, he had discovered that all the pizzerias in the city were using our Caputo Flour, so, he asked us to send him a shipment. Thus began our American adventure.

In the late ‘90s, Antimo, Carmine’s son, joined the company and some time later, in the 2000s, Eugenio’s son Mauro also came on board. While Carmine oversees the business on a national level, Antimo approaches international markets. We seized this business opportunity and started to promote our flour abroad. We also increased our investment in technology to develop new production lines.


A natural next step in the evolution of our products, in 2009 we launched our award-winning Gluten Free Flour (Fioreglut) made with all-natural ingredients! We wanted to create a product that didn’t affect the flavor or texture of your favorite baked goods!


The new millennium marks the growth of the company in the Italian and international markets, both economically and volumetrically. We asserted ourselves everywhere from the United States to Japan, thanks to Antimo’s strong commitment to promoting the culture of pizza and Campanian products around the world.

In 2011 we acquired our second Mill, located in Campobasso, which increased our total capacity to around 630 tonnes of ground wheat per day.


It’s a record-breaking year for the world’s longest Neapolitan pizza, made in the beautiful surroundings of the Neapolitan seafront.


A year later we broke our previous record, this time in California! The pizza was made using approximately 17,700 lbs of dough and all left over pizza was donated to several local charities! Measuring 1,930.39 m (6,333 ft 3.60 in), the record still stands!

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Our Ideal World

Our Vision is to bring the highest-quality flour to every corner of the globe.

Our Sustainability Pledge

We believe that nature is the beginning and end of the work process. We package our products in recycled cardboard cases, because we believe our packaging should be just as green as the wheat we use. Our mill is also 0 waste meaning that everything milled becomes food or animal feed.