3 Myths About Caputo Flour

3 Myths About Caputo Flour

When we talk about flour, we actually talk about history and tradition. We talk about a product that has fed us for thousands of years, ensuring our survival and health. But in recent years, many prejudices have emerged to demonize this staple ingredient with charges that have little to do with reality, and these prejudices undermine the values of this important ingredient. They have damaged the milling sector, which is one of Italy's fundamental pillars. It’s the true foundation of the Italian diet and of our Neapolitan identity.

Thanks to Mauro Caputo – Technical Area Head of Caputo, we are able to shatter three false myths that cast a shadow on products such as bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, and pastries!

Mauro Caputo giving a tour of the Caputo Mill


(Mauro giving a tour of the Mill and explaining the process to participants of the 2019 Trofeo Caputo)


1. “Caputo flour is refined.” 

 Our flour is NOT refined! In fact, refining is a process that involves petroleum and is not suitable for food products. "The flour is ground, – Mauro points out - “and the milling is nothing more than a natural reduction process in which the wheat grains are crushed by means of rollers. Refining, on the other hand, is a process that chemically alters the molecular structure of the products."

A person in the Caputo mill standing next to a wheat grinder and holding wheat kernels in their hands

2. “Chemicals are used in the milling process.”

Flour is a natural, eco-sustainable and traditional product, and no chemical agent intervenes in our production process. "From the field to the sack,” – continues Mauro – “we keep the supply chain neutral and genuine, with a production process that is completely mechanical, through a reduction process. Chemistry and flour are two worlds light years apart."

A person in the Caputo mill with their hand out to touch wheat as it goes through the wheat grinder

3. "Flour is bad for you.”

 Flour does not hurt your health. "This accusation affects mainly the 00 type flour” – concludes Mauro – “Actually, flour is a source of carbohydrates, of sugars, ready to be assimilated when we need energy in our everyday lives. Moreover, 00 flour is higher performing, has a more elastic gluten and therefore allows a longer leavening that facilitates the self-digestion of the dough, which for baked goods means they are easy to digest."

Mauro and Antimo Caputo pointing at a person wearing a Caputo jersey with their back towards the camer


In short, flour is a healthy and natural product and one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet, the diet which has been named the best diet overall by US News for that last four consecutive years.

A top view of a table with a food spread

Of course, flour is a product that should be carefully chosen, milled by trusting companies working with care and respect for the raw material, worked by experienced craftsmen, and consumed in a balanced manner. We hope, that like us, people everywhere see the beauty of flour and stop incorrectly demonizing it as a harmful ingredient. 

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