Chef Jackie Bakula

Chef Jackie Bakula

Jackie Bakula fell in love with Italy in her late 20s but has been honing her cooking talents since a young age in Italian cuisine and culture.

Jackie has cooked for some of the top chefs in the country and in doing so, has realized her own perspective on food. She has studied in Italy and cooked with top chefs at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. The SlowFood Movement is a huge part of what Jackie believes in and practices as a chef.

To this day, one of the greatest compliments she has gotten throughout her career was cooking the best pizza dough the judges had ever had on her winning episode of Food Network’s Chopped!


Most don’t realize there are MAJOR differences when it comes to flour. How it is milled, where it is from, high protein vs low protein, all these factors play a major role when developing a pasta dough recipe. To find a “00” flour in the states that is at 13.5% protein is not the norm. The range is usually 11-13%. The higher protein found in Caputo’s “00” flour, allows for the perfect gluten & structure development in my dough! There is 0 compromise when it comes to choosing the right flour for the recipe you are making!