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Caputo Pizza A Metro 24 Hour Recipe


25 KG (55 lbs) Caputo Pizza A Metro Flour

50g Fresh yeast

15.7L Water

720g Salt

1.4L oil (extra virgin or pure olive oil)

  • Combine 1/2 flour, yeast and water- mix for 2 minutes
  • Add salt and continue to mix for 1 minute
  • Add rest of flour and mix for 3 minutes
  • add olive oil, mix for 9 minutes
  • Stop mixing and let it rest for 20 minutes, then start mixer and let it turn 5 times.
  • Rest mass in large container for 18 hours
  • Make dough balls and let them rise another 3-4 hours

Remove the dough and put in a closable plastic container/bin paying attention to make
sure it does not occupy more than 1/3 of the space available (it needs room to rise).
Cover the container and let it rest for 18 hours in a cool spot.
The next day take the dough and form the dough balls of the size you need (around 750
grfor 1 meter) and put in a pizza dough boxes until well rised. When forming dough
balls use some flour to help you because the mass will be very sticky. When preparing
the pizza pay attention not to kill the gas of the fermentation, so take the dough
carefully from the tray without changing its shape. Open the pizza with your fingers
only trying to spread the air evenly.
Put the toppings and cook at 650F in a deck oven.


Top with our Lupara mozzarella di bufala and Ciao Tomatoes for the freshest flavor!



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