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Flour of Naples

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Caputo “00” Americana



55 lbs Flour (1 Bag)

33 lbs Water (15 Liters)

4.5 oz Fresh yeast ( less if using dry yeast)

20 oz Salt

1 lb Olive oil (17oz )



Assuming flour is at 72 degrees (Fahrenheit), water temp should be 75 degrees

-Place water in mixer bowl and add yeast and stir until dissolved

-Then add all of the flour and salt

-After mixing for 4 minutes on slow speed add all the oil and mix for 4 more minutes

-Increase mixer speed and mix for 3 more minutes  (total mixing time is 11 minutes)

-The finished dough should be about 78 degrees.

-Place the dough on the table, cover it and let it rest for 10 minutes.

-Divide dough and round dough balls gently  (about 575 grams for an 18 inch round pizza) and place the dough balls in trays.

-Brush lightly with oil, cover the trays and place in the cooler at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for minimum of 24 hours (going up to 72 hours)

-Dough will perform cold or it can be removed from cooler up to 2 hours before using.

-Recommended oven temperature of 550.

Bake time about 9 minutes.

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