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The Flour of Naples. The strength and tradition

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We are an authentic Italian family company, now in our third generation of leadership. We have grown and become the leading brand of “00” flour in Italy and the United States thanks to an unwavering commitment to the great milling traditions of Naples, the latest technology and techniques, and over 89 years of experience. These values can be recognized in the wide range of flours we make for pizza, pasta and sweet dough professionals: with each kind of flour specifically crafted for different needs.

Since the beginning, Molino Caputo has always sought to preserve and improve upon the great tradition of Neapolitan flour and its products, from pizza to desserts, from bread-making to pasta. In everything we do, we follow tradition and respect its values: from the wheat mixture, the purity of our flours – always additive-free -- and the making of a simple but high quality product.

The Flour of Naples. The strength and tradition: these two words hold Molino Caputo’s values. That product begins with the long-standing relationships with wheat suppliers around the world, allowing us to source only the best, highest-quality wheat every season. While other mills’ wheat may vary according to the weather and other conditions year to year, we are able to consistently create our proprietary blend of wheat every season to the same uncompromising standards.

Over the years, we have worked hand in hand with the masters of the “White Arts” – pastry chefs, bakers, pizzaiuoli and those who rely on our flours every day. We learn from them what characteristics in our flours make the best pizzas, pastries and breads, and are always in a process of innovation and improvement to serve their needs.

The pride of our city, Naples, our region, Campania, and our country is the secret of the success of our flour, and is the profound difference between a company that lives its values and plain product marketing.